Airport Consulting and Management

Project Management

Air One AMS has the knowledge and contacts to make your project happen. We can make sure your project has a strong foundation with thorough site selection and analysis, site survey and inspection. We can also provide thorough specification and contract documentation for tender processes.

Air One AMS can also provide onsite superintendent services, quality assurance and commissioning of the finished project.

Airport Management

safe, efficient and cost-effective airport operations, optimum utilization of resources, compliance with international standards and regulations, plus the maximum level of customer satisfaction. We have the following services in our offer for you.

Staff Management

We have experienced airport managers who can come to your site (either once-off or on a regular basis) and help you keep above it all. We can resource every need of yours in terms of staff requirement.

Certification and compliance

Air One AMS can guide you through the process of getting your aerodrome certificate. As a package, Air One AMS can take your aerodrome from uncertified to certified with a minimum of fuss.

Inspections & Audits

In order to meet regulatory requirements or just to stay on top of things airports are often required to undergo annual inspections. Air One AMS is well qualified to provide inspectors as per your requirements.